Kitesurfing is more than just a sport, it is a lifestyle ... So, start now with your kitesurfing lessons!

Throughout the kitesurfing classes, safety is our priority. We are an IKO instructor. We teach using the latest Kitesurf equipment, with the newest security systems. Each student has a helmet, harness, floating vest and wetsuit. Everything is included in the price.

We teach in English and Spanish.

In all our courses we cover the next level IKO

Kiteboarder - Discovery

Discover how to master the "power of the wind"

Do you want to master the elements and discover this incredible world of kiteboarding? Our IKO instructor will help introduce you to the sport and teach you various rules and safety skills on land before entering the water; Safety training will teach and show you how to assess wind and physical location, and show you how to properly handle equipment; prepare; and control the training kite.

Kiteboarder - Intermediate

Learn how to handle the power of your kite in the water!

Learn how to harness the power of your kite in the water!


Time to get in the water and try your first start in the water with your IKO Instructor. Now you will test your skills and experience the full potential of the wind. He will learn to use the power of the kite to drag the body in all possible directions, to relaunch the water from his kite, rescue himself, retrieve his board; and become competent enough to start riding alone!

Kiteboarder - Independent

Drive independently and learn some tricks!


It's time to become an independent rider and the more you learn, the more passionate you will be about kiteboarding! In this course, your instructor will show you how to drive against the wind, on your feet, and will help you focus on superior skills, such as controlling your speed by edges, changing direction without stopping, self-launching and landing safely. As an independent rider, you can travel alone and rent equipment wherever you go.

We have semi-private classes. 2 people, you learn faster. You have the instructor for just the two of you, so if you learn faster, he goes faster.

Tutorials. For those who prefer exclusive attention. It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner, an intermediate rider or if you just want to get the latest tricks you are working on. We adapt the course to your needs.

We have courses throughout the year, but we depend on the weather and the season to dictate them. This year we have courses in the south of Spain, Alicante-Denia-Valencia and the Balearic island Ibiza-Formentera.



Contact us and we can configure your Kitesurf course as much as you need.


Contact us so we can organize your Kitesurf course according to your needs


IKO is the world’s leading kiteboarding organization specializing in kiteboard education, promoting safe practices and enhancing the highest standards for the industry. IKO strives to reach the pure excellence in the teaching experience by finding the perfect balance of fun and safety while keeping each kiteboarder's individuality in mind.