Kite Repair Policy
  1. Kitesurf Malta is not responsible for what may happen with the equipment during the shipment of the equipment by the carrier. The customer can opt for shipping insurance to guarantee the conditions of the product with the carrier.

  2. The equipment must be shipped in good cleaning condition, free of sand and completely dry. In case it does not arrive in these conditions, the client will be charged an additional for cleaning of 5 euros. You must understand that we cannot sew a kite that is full of sand, our sewing equipment is very sensitive to sand and salt water.

  3. For very old or discontinued equipment many times we cannot offer the original materials, because the brand no longer provides it. In that case we propose alternative materials or other brands that best fit the original.

  4. It is very important that you make a cost-benefit analysis of your repair, since many times it can be almost the same value as your Kitesurf equipment on the market, especially for equipment of many years.

  5. If your candle already has some UV exposure, it is very possible that the original color of the fabrics is not the same. Kitesurf Malta works with original cloths according to each brand, therefore, you may notice a color variation.

  6. Our service has a 1 year warranty, only on those repairs that we have made. It is not valid for breaks that have occurred in other parts of your kite.

  7. Many brands have prints on the fabric. In our size we only offer repair service, cloth changes etc. We can not replicate the print that has original factory especially if the cloth that we change is affected by this print.

  8. Kitesurf Malta is not responsible for accidents to people that occur due to a failure in the kite's tissue, as well as for a cut or tear of some of the lines, both the original ones and those that have been repaired.

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