Kite Repair Center

Located in Alicante city, we have a very advanced Kitesurf repair center.

We have the latest generation sewing machine and original materials to ensure that the repair is the same as your original factory kite.

Our repair services include:

In kites:

Spinnaker Repair
Dacron repair on leading edges and ribs
Bladder Repair
Custom Bladder Manufacturing
Reconversion to One-Pump systems
Valve changes
Change and repair of lines
Flange replacement


Pre-line changes
Line changes
Custom lines
DePower Systems Replacement

Backpacks and Transport Bags:

Repair and closure changes
Tape changes and fastening systems

How do we do it?
3 easy steps
  1. You must contact us through our WhatsApp +34634647829 and send us photos of your kite and the breakage of it to make a budget

  2. If you accept our budget, you can send us your information and a courier service is going to pick up your kite 

  3. We send you the photos of your kite already repaired along with the total amount of the repair, which you must pay before we send your equipment again.

We work with all brands
north kiteboarding
Cabrinha Kites
Duotone Kites
slingshot kites
Waiman Hawai
RRD Kites
Ozone Kites
Core Kites